MVHS Administration and ASB work together to create a new dance policy


Chetana Ramaiyer

At the MVHS Welcome Back Dance on Aug. 19, the administration made an announcement was made to the students about dancing inappropriately. Several students were also asked to leave the dance after having received multiple warnings about the way they were dancing. Many MVHS students were confused and upset over the events at the Welcome Back Dance and went to ASB for answers.

But, ASB didn’t have any. The students and the members of ASB wanted clarification about what the dance policies are, as they were all confused by the ones currently in the student handbook. They decided to do this through a letter. After a couple drafts and some revisions by their leadership teacher, they posted the letter on Facebook. They wanted students to sign the letter in order to convey the need for change to the administration. After they got these signatures, they gave the letter to the administration. Watch the video below to find out more about how the administration reacted to the letter and what future steps are being taken.