MV Psychology Club introduces new areas of psychology to curriculum

Gabriella Monico

MV Psychology Club has recently undergone a change, a change reflected in its new name. The club changed its name from Happy Psychology Club, to simply MV Psychology Club.

The officers wanted to broaden the scope of the club. It now no longer only focuses on issues like de-stressing and treating others with kindness, but it also includes a variety of topics: everything from understanding body language to mental illnesses.

Club President, junior Songmin Na, hopes that broadening the scope will make the club more comprehensive, while still maintaining a fun and relaxing environment.

According to Na “We are going to keep this club interactive and fun and casual where everyone can join in and learn and talk about fun topics like personalities, love relationships, mental disorders, and body language, and do surprise experiments… instead of those boring lectures.”

While the established slogan of psychology club is “DISCOVER ME that I didn’t know about,” its other objectives include taking a break from academics, socializing and making new friends and finding possible career paths by developing deeper self-knowledge. It also focuses on improving students’ literature skills by exploring new methods of critical thinking and delving into analysis of the human psyche a deeper level.

The club members learn about six psychological issues: social, positive, industrial organization, evolutionary, educational/school and miscellaneous. Each category has specific topics that pertain to it. For example, under the educational and school category, the club discusses child psychology, the science behind motivation and how young adults develop their mindsets.

At Club Promo Day, Psychology club gave out free personality tests in order to promote the club as well as to highlight the new types of activities the club plans to execute this year. The club is dedicated to helping students discover themselves, something that they believe is crucial in the adolescent years

At its first two official meetings the club watched the Oscar-winning movie A Beautiful Mind. Members were exposed to different aspects of the human psyche including love, intelligence and even mental disorders like schizophrenia. The officers believed the movie touched on many of their main psychological issues, while still being a fun way to spend a lunch period.

MV Psychology club is still finding its footing on campus, but it hopes that its new curriculum will attract more members and keep its old members excited about the club’s future prospects.

The club meets every Friday in room C209 at lunch.