Head to head: Why Tumblr is beneficial to teenagers

Head to head: Why Tumblr is beneficial to teenagers

Ankita Tejwani

Tumblr, the epitome of  teenagers’ lives, is a micro blogging site that benefits teenagers all over the world in more ways than one. Tumblr allows them to create a short-blog or sometimes even portfolio.

Tumblr has become a quick method of self-expression for teenagers all over America. Photo Illustration by Eva Spitzen.

Combining what teenagers do best, social networking and expressing emotion, Tumblr has over 50 billion page views a month. It gives students an outlet for their stress and for self-expression. Tumblr lets people post many types of multimedia on their blog and lets others reblog other works that appealed to them. This exposes users to various types of multimedia from their followers various interests and advocates appreciation of all forms of self expression. It also lets them pick news that they’re particularly interested in through certain blogs, and keep up to date with them through the dashboard feature.

Some argue that Tumblr is distracting and an obstacle to productivity as well as a popularity contest scored with the number of followers a user has. They fail to realize that this is the decision of the blogger and Tumblr itself is not at fault. Anything on the Internet has the potential to waste time. It is how people use it that defines a site’s utility.

Tumblr is more than just “selfies” and ranting. It promotes creating relationships over love of art and writing. Tumblr is the perfect space for teenagers to express themselves through many different forms of media. It’s a safe environment that fosters growth and appreciation for all types of interests and benefits teenagers as a whole.


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