Footbridge over I-280

Footbridge over I-280

Selene Rubino

Administration begins new trial session to smoothen and expedite the AP test process.

Students taking an AP exam will have to start thinking about it a lot earlier this year.

MVHS is running its first AP Pre-Administration session on a trial basis. Rather than forcing every student to spend around 30 minutes bubbling in standard information about themselves in each of their AP test sessions, they will begin the test right away.
Students, sorted into last name alpha groups, taking any AP test in May are required to report to the auditorium on their scheduled day. During that time, they will hand in their student labels and put down their “standard” information, such as name and address, to be registered into all their AP tests.

ImageThough this creates much more work for Dean of Activities Denae Moore as well as ASB Secretary Deb Mandac, Moore hopes that the session will provide less anxiety for students on their test day. Cupertino High School ran the session last year with success and the College Board endorses the session, saying that it improves student performance.

Students with last names A-H are required to meet at tutorial on Thursday, April 3. Last names I-Q will meet at lunch on Friday, April 24, and last names R-Z will meet at tutorial on Thursday, April 30. All sessions are in the auditorium and are mandatory. If a student cannot make their designated time, they must see Mandac in the main office to reschedule.