El Estoque

Bonding over Bridge

Freshmen Ricky Shover (left) and Benjamin Smentek (middle) analyze their games from a recent match. Shover and Smentek have been friends since kindergarten and now attend Bridge Club meetings together.

Dylan Tsai

May 30, 2017

rowsing the shelves of Kennedy Middle School’s library in eighth grade, current junior Sarah Cai found “The Cardturner.” Cai loved “The Cardturner” both as a novel and as an introduction to the game of Bridge. Entranced by both the novel and the game, Cai immediately borrowed the book. Lat...

MVHS Construction: Fall 2016-2018

MVHS Construction: Fall 2016-2018

Nathan Stevens

October 16, 2016

he cafeteria being built in 2014 was an extensive upgrade to MVHS and largely contributes to its campus environment, but it is only the tip of the renovation iceberg. Principal April Scott explained that MVHS staff have been planning to adding four new rooms to the B building and gym lobby for about...

Footbridge over I-280

Footbridge over I-280

Selene Rubino

April 29, 2009

Administration begins new trial session to smoothen and expedite the AP test process. Read More »...