El Estoque

Nearly two thousand protestors gather in Cupertino

Volunteer with megaphone speaks and chants on top of the barricade in front of the Sheriff's Office.

Ayah Ali-Ahmad

June 12, 2020

South Bay protestors gather in Cupertino to demonstrate for the Black Lives Matter movement

Community Poetry & Prose Night: A celebration of creativity

Anthology editor and former Cupertino poet laureate Kaecey McCormick gives a speech recapping her experiences teaching workshops, judging contests and hosting readings. Instead of having the traditional poetry contest, McCormick decided to celebrate the end of her two-year term by publishing the anthology.

Iman Malik, Emily Xia, and Brian Xu

March 14, 2020

Cupertino community members share their experiences contributing to a city-wide poetry anthology

Voices of Cupertino: The launch of the citywide anthology

Poetry contributor Jade Bradbury receives her copy of the anthology. After distribution, McCormick encouraged attendees to stay and socialize with one another.

Iman Malik and Emily Xia

March 10, 2020

Community members gather to celebrate the release of Cupertino poetry and prose

Keep the dream alive

A Fremont High School teacher shares about her experiences growing up undocumented, the relief that DACA brought her and the work she does now supporting undocumented students at her school.

Jai Uparkar and Swara Tewari

February 11, 2020

Community members discuss the personal and legal implications of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) being rescinded

Signing Santa: City of Cupertino hosts Christmas event allowing deaf and hard of hearing children to interact with Santa

A child communicates with Santa as ASL interpreter Darlene Rochkind provides additional encouragement.

Brian Xu

January 11, 2020

Christmas trees sparkling with red, green and blue lights surround the Quinlan Community Center’s Cupertino Room. Onstage, red and gold poinsettias adorn a cozy living-room scene: three large christmas trees, decorated with ornaments, next to a fireplace lined with green and red stockings. In the cente...

Opposition to the Vallco Plan

Demolition begins at Vallco Mall called Demolition Day || From Mercury News

Anushka De and Devin Gupta

January 10, 2020

Sand Hill Property reinitiates construction in Vallco Shopping Mall after passing of State Bill 35

Urbanization of Cupertino

Urbanization of Cupertino

Anushka De, Devin Gupta, Andie Liu, Swara Tewari, and Emily Xia

January 10, 2020

In a constant state of change, Cupertino has experienced drastic changes in terms of infrastructure and business from the influx of both workers and residents. Vallco construction has recently been reinitiated after the passage of State Bill 35. The proliferation of chain businesses act as a double edged...