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Students travel to different countries over winter break

Freshman Akanksha Varanasi traveled to historical sites in the Middle East. Photo courtesy of Akanksha Varanasi

Claire Wen

February 1, 2020

Freshman Akanksha Varanasi  When freshman Akanksha Varanasi traveled to the Middle East, she took note of the locals’ hospitality. Whenever she went into a souvenir shop, which were typically family-owned, the employees would greet her warmly. “They'd be like, ‘Can we get you tea?’ or ...

Give Us a Break

Give Us a Break

Hannah Lee

December 11, 2017

ollowing the transition from a relaxing summer into a new school year, first semester can often be tiring. There are approximately 14 1/2 weeks of school between the first day of school and Thanksgiving break with only 3 days off. Students and staff have only two full days off for Thanksgiving, with ...

Numerous sports injuries over winter break

Numerous sports injuries over winter break

Varada Gavaskar

January 15, 2009

With school not in session, students find themselves with various injuries. Read More »...