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Staff Wellness Day: A relaxing collaboration period

Industrial technology teacher Ted Shinta opened the woodshop for staff members to make pens.

Michelle Chen and Ishaani Dayal

November 9, 2019

MVHS staff participate in various activities to destress and bond during free time

Big Plans Ahead for Bring Change 2 Mind

Big Plans Ahead for Bring Change 2 Mind

Shuvi Jha

February 2, 2018

n Jan. 24, the officers of the Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M) Club gathered around during lunch to discuss upcoming events and plans. To find out more about what was on their agenda, including the recent Challenge Day that took place on Feb. 1, look through the infographic below. ...

Bring Change 2 Mind attends Mental Health Summit

Bring Change 2 Mind attends Mental Health Summit

Shuvi Jha

November 17, 2017

n October 22, junior Sarvagnya Chodavarapu, senior Pooja Dandekar and freshman Sunaina Das attended the “Bring Change 2 Mind” High School Student Summit at the Lyft headquarters in San Francisco. The summit, which was led by the “Bring Change 2 Mind” mental-health organization, was arranged in...

Looking back: How school spirit and discussion about student wellness in school tackles mental health

Shriya Deshpande

May 26, 2017

never understood why everyone kept saying “MVHS is so competitive” until my sophomore year of high school. I can remember the specific moment: My friend and I were sitting on a mud-colored bench, she chipping away at a Nature Valley bar while I rambled on about a club we were going to join. At o...