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Pandemic nonprofits promote the greater good

Photo by Raagavalli Karumanchi - Student run nonprofit Donate Essentials donates masks to frontline workers

Kripa Mayureshwar

October 15, 2020

fter frequently talking to her grandparents over the phone during quarantine and noticing how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected senior citizens emotionally, sophomore Saanvi Mantripragada founded the Say Smile Initiative — a nonprofit intended to help the elderly cope with loneliness under the shelter-in-place orders....

More Cupertino residents start using NextDoor

Featured Image

Rachel Jiang

April 2, 2020

Exploring how the city stays connected and updated through a social-networking app

Giving back: Key Club’s Christmas carol

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Pan presents a slideshow in preparation for an annual Christmas Caroling event.

Tina Low

December 25, 2019

During the first week of December, members of Homestead HS’s Key Club went around local neighborhoods to distribute bags that offered the opportunity for residents to donate canned food. On Saturday, Dec. 14, members of Division 34 South, which includes Key Clubs from other high schools like MVHS, g...

A stellar liaison: Octagon and JDRF

An Octagon volunteer paints a child walker's face in light of the JDRF marathon. Photo by Trudy Esrey // Used with permission

Annie Zhang

October 15, 2019

5:00 p.m. Set up. On Oct. 5, 77 Octagon volunteers file into Great America in Santa Clara the day preceding one of the most momentous and far-reaching events of the year — Octagon’s annual partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), a non profit organization that funds for T...

Cupertino Volunteer Fair of 2019

Cupertino Volunteer Fair of 2019

Jasmine Lee

May 5, 2019

On May 5, the City of Cupertino hosted the Cupertino Volunteer Fair of 2019 in front of the Cupertino Library, where students of all ages could gather and learn about varying local volunteering organizations. A total of 64 organizations were registered for the event and the fair buzzed with performa...

Americorps member presents at Red Cross meeting

Americorps member Timothy Fader discusses crisis response procedures and emergency supplies at the Red Cross meeting. Photo by Swara Tewari

Swara Tewari, Features editor

March 18, 2019

On March 7, Americorps member Timothy Fader attended Red Cross’ lunch meeting and spoke to the members about disaster preparedness and the function of Red Cross on both a community and global level. As proactive disaster response is Red Cross’ overarching goal, Fader extensively discussed earthqu...

Engaging in intergenerational conversation: CSF volunteers at retirement home

Engaging in intergenerational conversation: CSF volunteers at retirement home

Claire Chang and Brian Xu

March 15, 2019

unior Ellie Chen draws a small rectangle on a piece of paper, labeling it “green.” She continues to draw bigger rectangles, labeling each with a different color, and hands it to the senior citizen sitting across from her. Picking up a watercolor pencil, the senior citizen begins to color. On M...

Traveling the globe

Charlotte Chui and Swara Tewari

September 16, 2018

hen junior Dan Sachs’ brother discovered a summer program that provided an opportunity to travel abroad, learn a new language and immerse himself in a new culture, it peaked Sachs’ interest. Sachs reviewed the options out of the other countries available, eventually applying and being accept...

Traveling the Globe

Traveling the Globe

Swara Tewari, Charlotte Chui

September 16, 2018

Students share international experiences from the past summer

Not another number: Students who freely volunteer for their community

Photo used courtesy of Creative Commons

Claire Yang

November 17, 2017

MVHS student volunteers talk about why they want to help their community

Key Club officers discuss future events

Key Club officers discuss future events

Jasmine Lee

November 7, 2017

Since the beginning of the school year, MVHS Key Club has been working to be more proactive. One of the main goals that the officers have in mind is to increase the number of students in their club. “This year, we’ve tried to focus on local events rather than far events because local events are...

Volunteering for Votes: Students get involved with Ro Khanna campaign

Volunteering for Votes: Students get involved with Ro Khanna campaign

Chetana Ramaiyer

October 21, 2016

  ast February, five high school and college students gathered around a table outside of Coffee Society. These students were part of the Ro Khanna campaign. This was their only meeting spot to work, other than in their regional field director, Garret Wesselís car, of course. As the general e...