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Breaking the bubble

Breaking the bubble

Tanish Mendki and Michelle Chen December 10, 2021
CDC gives complete approval to the COVID-19 vaccine, authorizing its administration for ages 5-11
An illustration of the COVID-19 vaccine Graphic by Sophia Ma

Behind both doses

Anika Sharma and Melody Cui May 21, 2021
Examining the experiences of getting the COVID-19 vaccine
A photo of Trump giving a speech in 2020. | Photo from CNN

Trump and COVID-19 vaccines

Suraj Gangaram, Staff Writer March 27, 2021

America, we have a problem. A nationwide CNN poll has shown that up to 57% of Republican men are vaccine hesitant, more than any other group in America.  Trump’s advice to Americans on vaccines is,...

A womans arm is being cleaned in preparation for the vaccine injection.

Don’t Miss Your Shot

Scientists used RNA technology to create the COVID-19 vaccine, yet its fast-paced development and distribution caused concerns about side effects as vaccines are administered to essential workers.
Jessica Ridgway recieves the vaccine.

Phase 2: The Distribution

Devin Gupta and Jannah Sheriff February 12, 2021
Exploring the success and opinions surrounding the first wave distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine
Pascal Juang, M.D., and two of his colleagues hold Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine bottles.

Phase 3: The Aftermath

Diya Bahl and Matthew Yoshimoto February 12, 2021
Examining professional and student views on the recently released Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines
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