El Estoque

Park customized this shoe for a friend and is his favorite design of all the shoes we has painted.  “I think its my favorite not because it looks good necessarily,” Park said. “I really enjoyed the process because I took a big break from customizing shoes, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. So then I just kind of got re-inspired when she asked me to paint her shoes.”

Customization Craze: Students turn everyday accessories into a form of self-expression

Jai Uparkar May 27, 2020
MVHS students share the stories behind their painted shoes and water bottles
Sophmore Collin Ong poses in front of his Funko Pops. Ong has over 70 Funko Pops. Photo used with permission of Collin Ong

A shelf of memories: MVHS communities collections of different items

Lance Tong February 11, 2020
Exploring what various people in the MVHS community collect
Junior Matthew Whong, Assistant Principal Michael Martinez and junior Sumer Hajela pose for photos wearing their favorite sneakers. Photos by Anish Vasudevan

If the shoe drips: self-expression through sneakers

Hannah Lee December 19, 2019
Students use shoe customization as a form of self-expression
Review: Nike LeBron 15 Equality

Review: Nike LeBron 15 Equality

Aditya Dash April 3, 2018

n Rolling with the Champion Kevin Durant x LeBron James x Cari Champion, NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant discussed social issues that are important to the lives of many Americans. However,...

To walk in someone else’s shoes

To walk in someone else’s shoes

Karen Sanchez March 8, 2018

rom Dr. Martens and Adidas to sneakers and flip flops, students around MVHS are spotted wearing different types of shoes that vary in color and style. Whether they wear the same pair daily or make an effort...

The Hype Surrounding HYPEBEAST

The Hype Surrounding HYPEBEAST

Hannah Lee August 18, 2017

Sophomore Evan Yu anxiously sits in front of his computer and refreshes Supreme’s homepage every Thursday at 8 a.m. While others might be sleeping in, Yu waits patiently for the New York skateboarding...

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