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Looking back: How school spirit and discussion about student wellness in school tackles mental health

Shriya Deshpande

May 26, 2017

never understood why everyone kept saying “MVHS is so competitive” until my sophomore year of high school. I can remember the specific moment: My friend and I were sitting on a mud-colored bench, she chipping away at a Nature Valley bar while I rambled on about a club we were going to join. At o...

Defining spirit: Tall & Short, homecoming 2013

Yuna Lee

September 29, 2013

rom quad decs to dress-up days to the rally, Homecoming gives students plenty of opportunities to display their class spirit. With all students participating in the festivities to varying extents, the experience is unique to each person. Join staffers Nathan Desai and Robert Sulgit as they explore the...

Homecoming 2013: El Dorado golden outfits

Kathleen Yuan

September 23, 2013

Everyday during Homecoming week, El Estoque will be recapping the spirit days with some examples of the day's themed outfits. With the first spirit day of Homecoming week at its end, here's a look at two golden outfits. The class with the most dress up spirit was 2014 with 27.1 percent, followed by 2015 with 22.9 percent, then 2017 with 20.8 percent and ...

Wanted: a pair of purple ear plugs

Wanted: a pair of purple ear plugs

Soumya Kurnool

February 1, 2012

My hearing is not something I am proud of. My minuscule 1.9375 inch ears will pick up "Who are you?" as "How are you doing?" — leading, of course, to the greatest of awkward turtles. After going to the Battle at Mount Olympus winter rally (my first one!), I really wonder why the rest of this school isn't as deaf as I am. Getting pumped up ...