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A night of dreams

A night of dreams

Jasmine Lee and Claire Wen

March 31, 2019

The planning process for the 2019 junior prom began a year ago, with the decision on a venue. Like years past, it was held at the Corinthian Grand Ballroom in San Jose. Junior and class officer Christopher Cellini described some of the items that required planning. After deciding on a location, th...

Seventh period AP Physics conflicts with 2013-2014 sports

Juniors Rahul Madanahalli and Aravind Sivakumar drafted a petition to request that AP Physics be prevented from becoming a seventh period class. 27 students out of the 40 who requested AP Physics, signed the petition. Photo used with permission of Rahul Madanahalli.

Joyce Varma

August 22, 2013

Students petition administration to schedule class in an earlier period, but are rejected. Read More »...

Why F.L.U.B. flubbed

Why F.L.U.B. flubbed

Soumya Kurnool

December 16, 2011

  Freshman Link Ultimate Bonding day had potential for greatness. Too bad it was just a flub. Scheduled two weeks before finals, F.L.U.B. day could not have worked by any means. According to an online survey, only 14% of the 84 respondents attended the event. Instead of bonding in the ...