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Foreign Language

Foreign Language

Minjae Kang March 21, 2021
Exploring how the pandemic has impacted how students prepare for the exam
French teacher Sarah Finck received the California Language Teacher Association (CLTA) 2021 Outstanding Teacher Award at a virtual award ceremony called Celebrating the Best of Us on Feb. 28. Photo courtesy of Sarah Finck // Used with permission

French teacher Sarah Finck receives the California Language Teacher Association’s 2021 Outstanding Teacher Award

Oishee Misra March 6, 2021
Examining the impact of Finck’s teaching for her colleagues and students
Matvey Jenssen in Japan. Photo by Maxim Jenssen|Used with permission.

A multilingual community

Krish Dev, Opinion Editor October 16, 2020
Students and staff reflect on their experiences speaking multiple languages.
This map indicate Spanish-speaking regions of the world, where Spanish is the official language. Graphic credit | Map Handbook

MVHS Spanish and French teachers implement a stereotype unit

Oishee Misra October 5, 2020
Delving into aspects of anti-racist work through Spanish and French 4 Honors curriculum
Photo by Andrew Yang // Used with permission

Path to the Peak: Members of the MVHS community share their backpacking experiences

Sophia Chen and Brian Xu February 8, 2020

Backpacking: an outdoor activity that combines backcountry camping and hiking, requiring the participant to carry all their necessities on their backs. It can be venturing beyond the state of California...

Konanoor smiles while taking a photo with her family in India. Photo used with permission from Siri Konanoor.

Communication culture

Jacqueleine Liu October 25, 2019
Exploring the effect that language has on relationships
Mardi Gras at MVHS

Mardi Gras at MVHS

Sreya Kumar March 10, 2019

Music lightly plays over the speakers. It’s Stromae, a popular French singer introduced to the French classes at MVHS. The French Honors Society officers lay out paper masks, along with accessories and...

Most of the TA duties listed in the FUHSD student assistance policy sheet are clerical tasks like answering the telephone and delivering messages; anything that involves viewing another student’s record is forbidden. However, despite the rules, most teachers allow their TAs to grade papers. Photo by Shuyi Qi.

Administration reinforces ‘no grading by teacher assistants’ policy

Shuyi Qi December 4, 2013

  After TA discusses student’s grade, administration addresses the controversy regarding TA’s duties.   [dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]alking into a classroom, it is not uncommon to see...

Technological Teaching

Technological Teaching

Maya Murthy October 27, 2013

Three teachers comment on their experiences with their online Facebook groups.

French Honor Society carries learning to San Francisco Broadway

French Honor Society carries learning to San Francisco Broadway

Simran Devidasani August 27, 2012

He held her in his arms as she cried. The curtains closed, and before they opened again, the crowd stood up, applauding and cheering on the cast of “Les Miserables”, a play originally written and performed...

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