El Estoque

My sister, Samhitha, and I stand on the sofa brushing and playing with our maternal grandpas hair.

Having close relationships with grandparents is a privilege

Geethikaa Tarra October 20, 2021
Experiencing the joys and sorrows of creating or maintaining a meaningful bond with grandparents
An interactive graphic made with Flourish that displays sex and HIV education mandates in the U.S.

Expanding sex education

Shivani Madhan September 3, 2021
Examining sex education at MVHS in comparison to schools nationwide
Discovering Depop

Discovering Depop

Shreshta Ranganathan, Staff Writer May 21, 2021

Neither of my parents grew up with money, and for the majority of my childhood, neither did I. We are a family of immigrants who moved to America in desperate need of a fresh start. My mother was a teenager...

Looking back on love

Looking back on love

Shivani Madhan February 16, 2021
Students reflect on how they were shaped by prior romantic relationships
Cupid in the classroom

Cupid in the classroom

Claire Wen February 12, 2021
Examining teachers’ perspectives on student relationships
The cover image of BL manhwa Painter of the Night by Byeonduck

Overstepping the boundary

Shivani Madhan and Kripa Mayureshwar December 5, 2020
Examining the implications of the BL industry with regards to the LGBTQ+ community
Swipe right?

Swipe right?

Ayah Ali-Ahmad December 20, 2019
The rise in teenage dating apps like Yubo and Spotafriend
Working hard: worth it?

Working hard: worth it?

Oishee Misra December 7, 2019
Refuting my previous belief that hard work doesn’t always equate success
Konanoor smiles while taking a photo with her family in India. Photo used with permission from Siri Konanoor.

Communication culture

Jacqueleine Liu October 25, 2019
Exploring the effect that language has on relationships
Math teacher Martin Jennings and his wife on their wedding day. Photo by Karen Tamaki // Used with permission

Tying the knot: views on marriage

Jacqueleine Liu and Iman Malik September 27, 2019
Exploring teachers’ perspectives on getting married
Summer Lovin: Students navigate summer relationships

Summer Lovin’: Students navigate summer relationships

Hannah Lee and Ishaani Dayal September 23, 2019
Students weigh in on the value of brief summer flings
With you until the end: seniors and teachers reflect on their relationships

With you until the end: seniors and teachers reflect on their relationships

Claire Wen and Brian Xu May 22, 2019

“I feel like teachers really do have that — Hi, Mr. Shelton!” It’s a Wednesday afternoon, 10 minutes after school has ended, when Yearbook Editor in chief Vanessa Lau spots Yearbook adviser Jay...

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