El Estoque

Princes and princesses make homecoming court more relevant

Rather than crowning only two seniors this year, Student Recognition expanded the Homecoming Court to include students from all grades. This new change allowed underclassmen to participate, yet still gave seniors the credit they deserve.

Nathan Desai

October 13, 2012

How could anyone dislike Homecoming? Everything about the week is spectacular. From Powderpuff to the football game to the dance, Homecoming is a week that is often considered one of the most sacred parts of the high school tradition. MVHS does a great job to make sure every student can have a...

When you wish upon a star

When you wish upon a star

Shreya Shankar

December 23, 2009

https://elestoque.org/images/stories/topheadlines/princessfrogtop.jpgChock full of charismatic characters and magnetic music, "The Princess and the Frog" heralds Disney's return to the golden age of animation Read More »...