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Tied Down

Visual for Staff Ed

Annie Zhang and Rachel Jiang

November 21, 2019

Why we shouldn't feel guilty for being privileged

Positivity Podcast Ep. 2: PG&E Shutdown

Positivity Podcast Ep. 2: PG&E Shutdown

Lakshanyaa Ganesh and Oishee Misra

October 16, 2019

October 9th 2019 was scheduled to be the first day of the PG&E power outage affecting over 500,000 California residents. There were a lot of people angry and disheartened at this news, and rightfully so, considering they have to go without electricity, power or gas, which causes inconveniences for...

Making the right call

Making the right call

Brian Xu

February 6, 2019

A sharp, throbbing fire pulses through your arm, flowing down past the elbow and swelling at the wrist. The crowd of people fades into the background, the soccer game long forgotten as a silent scream works its way up your throat. Peering down nervously, you examine your hand, flexing your fingers back ...

iGen deconstructed: How the smartphone has shaped our generation

Dr. Twenge answers parents' questions about her presentation. Photo by Ria Kolli.

Ria Kolli

December 6, 2017

t her presentation in the MVHS auditorium on Tuesday, November 28, San Diego State University Psychology professor Jean M. Twenge asked a mostly parent-filled audience what generation they were from. People raised their hands when their respective generations were called out, clearly engaged in the presentatio...

The way we love: Young love, parental guidance

The way we love: Young love, parental guidance

Chetana Ramaiyer

February 14, 2016

Students often go to their parents and teachers for help with school or for practical advice. They might ask for help on a math problem or for help with an essay. But most don't think to ask for help with love. So, we asked for you, watch the video below to hear the advice that parents and teachers have...

Let’s talk about sex: The birds and the bees

Let's talk about sex: The birds and the bees

Emma Lam

February 4, 2016

In a survey of 87 students, about 70 percent said that they didn't get the sex talk from their parents. Here, two students and a biology teacher discuss why they think that is. Video by Anjana Melvin. Additional reporting by Priya Reddy.   he term ’Birds and Bees' seems to be describin...

Answers: What’s it like to live away from parents?

Answers: What's it like to live away from parents?

Elizabeth Han

December 19, 2015

via GIPHY drive to school from your mom. A homemade breakfast by your dad. For many MVHS students, the support of their parents is deeply intertwined with their daily lives. They stand behind every breakdown and milestone, completing the circle of family at home. Yet for the following students, t...

Parental guidance not required

The pre-frontal cortex, the pink region of the mind responsible for decision-making, is still developing during adolescence. Similar to most parts of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex needs to be exercised in order to develop independence — meaning that parents’ attempts to make decisions for their kids may jeopardize the development of independent thinking.

Kristin Chang

December 5, 2013

Obedience in high school may negatively impact teenage independence. Right behind your forehead, there sits a chunk of your brain known as the prefrontal cortex. Colloquially, it’s called the “judgment center” — a region where risks are evaluated, social situations are appraised and decisio...