El Estoque

A stellar liaison: Octagon and JDRF

An Octagon volunteer paints a child walker's face in light of the JDRF marathon. Photo by Trudy Esrey // Used with permission

Annie Zhang

October 15, 2019

5:00 p.m. Set up. On Oct. 5, 77 Octagon volunteers file into Great America in Santa Clara the day preceding one of the most momentous and far-reaching events of the year — Octagon’s annual partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), a non profit organization that funds for T...

The things school taught me

Neysa Singh works on her math homework. Photo by Lakshanyaa Ganesh

Neysa Singh

September 18, 2019

Discovering that school has taught me valuable skills for the future

The best ways to take notes

The best ways to take notes

Maggie McCormick

September 13, 2017

aking notes is a part of every student’s life. Between in-class lectures, flipped-teaching techniques and textbook assignments, note-taking never ends for an MVHS student. Sometimes it feels like the notes we take are useless, but this tedious task can be essential to success if we use it to our adv...