El Estoque

The front of the Standard Liquor store located in Los Altos.

Five juvenile females rob Standard Liquor in Los Altos

Oishee Misra and Brian Xu September 26, 2020
Examining the actions of LHS and MVHS seniors and teen alcohol usage in our school community
Meme Accounts of MVHS

Meme Accounts of MVHS

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer April 1, 2020
Exploring the curators and cultivators of MVHS’ dankest memes
What's MVHS laughing at

What’s MVHS laughing at

Exploring the various sources of humor at MVHS
Used with permission from Parssa Alimadad

World War 3 becomes a meme

Robert Liu and Collin Qian January 10, 2020
How the influx of WWIII memes affects MVHS students’ and teachers’ views on world events
MVHS History Teacher Mr. Owens reacts to a Monta Vista Meme

MVHS Teachers React to Memes

Collin Qian and Herman Saini March 3, 2019

Feeling down? Need some humor? Memes will save your day. Memes are a way for all students to make fun of and criticize the world around them. The meme account @montavistamemes with over a thousand followers...

Behind the Meme: What makes a meme funny?

Behind the Meme: What makes a meme funny?

Jessica Xing April 17, 2017

hat makes a meme successful? Frazier asked her classes to analyze how networking, in a growingly interconnected world, has contributed to the spread of viral culture. For homework, she asked her students...

Made of Memes

Made of Memes

Priya Reddy April 17, 2017

Additional reporting by ZaZu Lippert and Avni Prasad. f you're reading this, memes are dead. Because we, as a news organization, are doing the inexcusable: we are writing a news story on them. And according...

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