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The 2017 class officers stand in front their class’s rally poster at the Welcome Back rally. The officers were elected by students from their respective middle schools in May 2013. Used with permission of Lian Song.

2017 class officers chosen in early elections

Colin Ni August 26, 2013

Typically held in September, the freshman class officer elections were instead held in May due to earlier Homecoming schedule. The Class of 2017’s freshman class officers were elected by students...

Senior Sunrise held Aug. 21

Senior Sunrise held Aug. 21

Anjali Bhat August 22, 2013

Seniors wake up bright and early to watch the sunrise and commemorate the first day of their last year in high school.   On the first day of school, seniors began to gather in front of the...

ASB officers discuss upcoming plans

Legislative Council aims to foster communication with students

Varsha Venkat August 22, 2013

Student representatives from each fifth period class will meet with Leadership monthly to discuss changes and new additions to school activities. Since MVHS opened its doors in 1969, the Leadership...

Junior Colin Kim allows students to sign his campaign poster. After three days of campaigning, ASB officers were announced on March 21. Photo by Mihir Joshi.

ASB officers for 2013-2014 school year announced

Athira Penghat March 21, 2013

President: Marisa Yang Vice President: Leon Chen Treasurer: Timothy Kuo Secretary: Tijani Karaborni Social Manager: Colin Kim IDC Representative: Rishi Modi Sriya Srinath will serve...

VIDEO: Class officers collaborate for Mothers Day fundraiser

VIDEO: Class officers collaborate for Mother’s Day fundraiser

Sara Yang May 14, 2012

From about noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday, they tackled the tasks at hand: purchasing vases, peeling the stickers from their glass bottoms; buying bunches of roses, carnations and baby’s breath,...

Hopes for Homecoming

Hopes for Homecoming

Angela Liu October 24, 2011

Homecoming: a celebration of school spirit. Or is it? Students and staff question if having too much spirit is undesirable, and whether or not Homecoming can be improved for the years to...

PHOTO GALLERY: Dance team’s spring showcase a success

PHOTO GALLERY: Dance team’s spring showcase a success

Kevin Tsukii May 23, 2011

“Let’s Get Fit” featured animals, Bboys, and Radiohead Click through for caption. On May 20, Dance team hosted its annual Spring showcase under the theme of “Let’s Get...

Think you are good at faces?

Think you are good at faces?

Laura Yang September 11, 2010

Try your luck at guessing the face behind the cream   <a href="http://www.mystudiyo.com/act121516/mini/go/think_you_know_your_teachers?"...

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