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The future of La Pluma

Lakshanyaa Ganesh

May 24, 2019

s the school year wraps up, various teams and clubs reflect and rejoice in their accomplishments through celebrations including banquets. Many seniors look back on their extracurriculars as a core, defining aspect of their high school experiences, and hope to pass on their legacies in these clubs by ap...

The faces behind La Pluma

Karen Sanchez

October 20, 2017

There are a million details that bombard a person as they walk into room B205. The most overwhelming aspect are the posters that brighten the room’s beige walls, displaying an array of colors, images, and messages. The quirky yet sophisticated environment fits the very image of La Pluma, MVHS’s cre...

La Pluma: Breaking down a writing exercise

La Pluma: Breaking down a writing exercise

Stephanie Lam

February 8, 2017

he La Pluma officers sat inside David Clarke’s room on Friday, Feb 1, waiting for their members to come. By 12:50p.m., however, only three members had shown up. Despite the low attendance, according to La Pluma Officer Olive Wu, the La Pluma officers engaged everyone in a new writing exercise. Watch the c...

La Pluma holds its first staff meeting

La Pluma officers explain the spreadsheet to new staff members. La Pluma hopes that by re implementing the spreadsheet, the club can have a more organized way to keep track of member’s stories

Stephanie Lam

October 12, 2016

he newly picked members of the La Pluma staff sat quietly in their seats as the eight officers stood at the front of the classroom. The solemness lingered in the room as the officers each  introduced their name, position and one type of writing style they wanted to practice, like slam poetry. It was...

La Pluma releases its first issue of the year

La Pluma releases its first issue of the year

Aditi Desai

December 13, 2014

“Her knees touched the tip of her nose. Her voice repelled the idea of returning to defend her inability to do something other could. They were right. She was different and she couldn’t do what they could.” This is a part of a short story called Of Mean and Metal Bullies, published by La Pluma ...

College essay workshop to be hosted by La Pluma and National English Honors Society

College essay workshop to be hosted by La Pluma and National English Honors Society

Caitlyn Tjong

September 29, 2014

nglish clubs La Pluma and National English Honors Society held an officer meeting on Sept. 15 to further develop ideas on a college essay workshop tailored for all students in the application process. The workshop is to be hosted after school in C210 on Tuesday, Oct.7, a month before the expected “str...

La Pluma Coffeehouse allows students to kick back and relax

Sophomore Evan Zhang sings at the La Pluma Coffeehouse. The event featured a variety of acts including singing, dancing and role play. Photo by Varsha Venkat.

Varsha Venkat

April 8, 2014

  How often do you get to hear a musician with a Spanish guitar at school, poetry readings and breakdancers perform on the same stage? La Pluma Coffeehouse had all that and more. In an attempt to recreate coffee shop vibes at MVHS, the school’s literary publication La Pluma hosted its ann...

11 tips to become a better writer

The flyer for the upcoming

Maya Murthy

February 9, 2014

La Pluma co-president Pooja Desai shares tips to improve writing. Read More »

La Pluma’s upcoming fiction workshops bring artistic community together

 This is the flyer La Pluma has been using to promote their “Build-a-Story”sessions. On Feb. 11, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., La Pluma will host the first of a series of short story workshops aimed to provide a creative haven for writers. Used with permission of Yashashree Pisolkar.

Kristin Chang

February 4, 2014

Starting on Feb. 11, the club will aid students in developing creative voice through a series of how-to workshops. At the back of the classroom, a stack of red booklets wilt on a shelf. Embossed with the cursive logo “S&S,” these slim volumes are the products of hundreds of dollars, hours ...

Video: La Pluma coffee house provides casual, “hipster” experience

Video: La Pluma coffee house provides casual, “hipster” experience


April 3, 2013

Stand-up comedians, philosophers, interpreters, musicians — La Pluma’s annual coffee house held on Mar. 29 in the Black Box, was a marriage of all these elements. Attendees could watch the performances while grabbing a cup of coffee and a plate of assorted breads, included in the $5 entry fee ...

La Pluma hosts second annual coffee house fundraiser

La Pluma’s second annual coffee house features new performances, including poetry readings, comedy acts and rants by MVHS students. The event is a fundraiser for the publication’s upcoming magazine. Photo used with permission of Libby Kao.

Varsha Venkat

March 28, 2013

Literary magazine hopes to encourage literature and art with night of food and music. Read More »...

La Pluma’s first Coffee House a success

La Pluma’s first Coffee House a success

Daniel Tan

January 26, 2012

For five dollars, you could have stepped into MVHS’s first-ever Coffee House, hosted by student literary magazine La Pluma. You would have seen the bagels and cakes, generously donated by Noah’s Bakery and Sweet Passion’s Bakery, respectively, laid out on a long table pushed against a side wall. You...