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Teachers and their dogs

Teachers and their dogs
April 25, 2014

1. Biology teacher Pooya Hajjarian Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever Name: Koochook Age: 5 years old   One of biology teacher Pooya Hajjarian’s first memories of Koochook was not...

Students show silent support for LGBTQ youth

 Participants of the Day of Silence gather in the academic court on April 11 to host a vigil acknowledging silenced LGBTQ youth. The annual vigil is open to all students and allows them to show respect for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. Photo by Kristin Chang
April 15, 2014

Gay-Straight Alliance hosts successful Day of Silence on April 11, allowing students to reflect on issues restricting LGBTQ youth. The clothesline is strung up with faces. Some grinning, some...

Spanish teacher Joyce Fortune combines dance with American tradition

Spanish teacher Joyce Fortune describes the emotional rush she feels when she does contra dancing. Fortune has been learning the dance or the past seven years. Photo by Varsha Venkat.
February 11, 2013

Fortune Teacher Feature from El Estoque on Vimeo. Spanish teacher Joyce Fortune enjoys spending her weekends performing a rather traditional American dance called contra dance. The dance form is...

Gay-Straight Alliance hosts ‘Day of Silence’

Participants wear a pink card illustrating their reasons for silence and support for the LGBT community in lieu of speaking. Photo by Howard Lee.
April 29, 2012

On April 27, the Gay-Straight Alliance hosted a “Day of Silence” to raise awareness for the bullying faced by the LGBT community. The national event, which is held every year in April, is sponsored...

Not yet a safe space

Not yet a safe space
May 16, 2011

Despite stirrings of a LGBT-friendly movement, students need to step up to affect change In the past couple months, our school has taken small steps to address the lack of regard for our LGBT community....

Keller’s accident leaves Speech and Debate without a coach

Keller's accident leaves Speech and Debate without a coach
November 24, 2009

  Speech and Debate is left coachless for the second time this year as coach Shirley Keller fractured her pelvis at the Nov. 1 Leland individual events tournament Speech and Debate is left...

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