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“Argylle” features numerous superstars and celebrities, but none fulfill expectations

“Argylle” laughably fails its own mission

Jillian Ju and Benjamin Zhang February 6, 2024

Spoilers for “Argylle” ahead  Headlined by a star-studded ensemble of names like Dua Lipa, John Cena and Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew Vaughn’s comedy action film “Argylle” promised to be a...

Idols are debuting in the K-pop industry at as young as 13 years old, causing controversy among fans and critics alike. Photo Illustration | Ellie Wang

Minor concerns

Jillian Ju and Ellie Wang January 23, 2024

Even through the screen of her phone, junior Lotus Wu could see the passion and commitment put into the idols’ performances. Ever since sixth grade, Wu has been captivated by their energy and the way...

The facade of Tong Suis Sunnyvale location.

Dessert Detectives: Tong Sui

Isabelle Kok and Jillian Ju January 18, 2024

In our Dessert Detectives Series, El Estoque takes on a new case to decipher the quality and cost of its most popular items. Continuing the alphabetical trend, we visited Tong Sui in Sunnyvale, a Bay Area...

Indie artist Melanie Martinezs latest perfume is selling for $275, sparking outrage in fans who cant afford the steep price tag.

The total package

Jillian Ju December 6, 2023

When sophomore Jivika Gulrajani first watched a TikTok announcing Melanie Martinez’s new perfume, she recalls being so shocked at the price that she dropped her phone. Gulrajani has enjoyed listening...

Bad art and the room to improve

Jillian Ju and Giljoon Lee December 2, 2023

TW: You’re tearing me apart, Lisa! GL & JJ: Oh, hi audience.  JJ: What you just heard was the most iconic line from the 2003 independent film “The Room,” produced and starred by Tommy...

Nathan Liu playing baseball when he was younger. | Photo courtesy of Nathan Liu

More than skin-deep

Jillian Ju and Varun Singh November 1, 2023

For as long as he can remember, senior Nathan Liu has lived with eczema. From an early age, he has taken antibiotics and tried to keep the scratching at a minimum, but his relationship with the condition...

Alumni at the reunion talking with each other at a table.

Party like it’s ’73

Jillian Ju and Mihir Vishwarupe October 19, 2023

Class of ‘73 alum Duff Devine is part of the first graduating class of MVHS, describing his experience as some of the best years of his life. He fondly remembers his involvement in school events, from...

50 Fresh Faces

50 Fresh Faces

As the new freshman class enters MVHS, many doors open up -- from joining clubs and playing sports to meeting new people and having unforgettable experiences. The numerous opportunities that are open to...

Examining how the word has strayed from its intended meaning


Jillian Ju, Staff Writer September 29, 2023

Growing up, sophomore Ekundayo Davies often heard his father using the word “woke.” Although he had never been sure about its origin, to him, the term commended awareness of social issues. “It’s...

The switch from the traditional paper SAT and PSAT exams to online has some students uneasy about possible technical difficulties.

Testing the digital divide

Examining how changes to the PSAT and SAT will affect MVHS
Didnt work out

Didn’t work out

Megha Mummaneni February 16, 2023
Students reflect on their experiences following a failed relationship
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