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Localizing Red Cross

Caption: Senior Anusikha Halder helps new members register at Red Cross' interest meeting. Photo by Swara Tewari.

Swara Tewari, Features editor

October 26, 2018

President of Red Cross discusses her journey with the club and her goals for the year

An unforgettable experience: Learning the Japanese culture

An unforgettable experience: Learning the Japanese culture

Jasmine Lee and Andrea Perng

October 22, 2018

The smiles. The signs. The excited atmosphere. These were the most noticeable elements that were etched into Cupertino students’ first impression on their trip to Japan. The Toyokawa and Cupertino student exchange that takes place annually for eighth graders serves as a program for Japanese and Amer...

Traveling the globe

Charlotte Chui and Swara Tewari

September 16, 2018

hen junior Dan Sachs’ brother discovered a summer program that provided an opportunity to travel abroad, learn a new language and immerse himself in a new culture, it peaked Sachs’ interest. Sachs reviewed the options out of the other countries available, eventually applying and being accept...

Banding together

Ramachandran introduces different gourmet cheeses at FHS' annual Fête du Fromage, the cheese festival. Photo by Swara Tewari

Swara Tewari, Features Editor

May 24, 2018

President of French Honor Society reflects on the club’s progress throughout the year

Asian immigrant students are not welcome in an Asian community

Illustration by Elizabeth Han

Elizabeth Han

March 13, 2017

hen sophomore Elisa Hsu first saw America with her own eyes, she realized her expectations of the foreign country strayed far from reality. Back in China, as she uttered “Kennedy Middle School” under her breath, she pictured a classroom full of blonde hair and blue eyes. The name screamed white culture — maybe some black culture on a second thought — but never her...

International students start anew

International students start anew

Alexandria Poh

September 21, 2011

Students from increasingly widespread areas around the world are making MVHS their high school hotspot. In addition to transfers from Asian countries such as Taiwan and India, they have been arriving from the Netherlands and Iran recently as well. What is it that draws them thousands of miles aw...