El Estoque

A protest of a lifetime: searching for freedom

A picture of the Gao family is cased in a broken frame. The Gao family was once together until Peter Gao, Geng He and Grace Gao moved to America in 2009. Used with permission
Examining rising activism in Eastern Asia
June 8, 2020

irst arrested in 2006, lawyer and human rights activist Gao Zhisheng was released in 2014 after withstanding severe mistreatment and torture in solitary confinement at an underground facility in China,...

The fight for rights

The fight for rights
Exploring the impact of social change for minority groups
December 14, 2018

Fixing the world

Fixing the world
March 9, 2010

  Amnesty International targets business and human rights issues in Human Rights Week In 2006, Chinese journalist Shi Tao was detained by the Chinese government for sending an email to the U.S....

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