Fixing the world

Sara Yang

  Amnesty International targets business and human rights issues in Human Rights Week

In 2006, Chinese journalist Shi Tao was detained by the Chinese government for sending an email to the U.S. regarding Communist party plans.  Purportedly, internet company Yahoo! provided Tao’s account-holder information to the government, which led to his arrest.  As a result of Yahoo!’s alleged involvement, Tao is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence while the world looks on.
Similar world issues regarding concepts of corporate accountability to world controversies were targeted during Amnesty International’s annual Human Rights Week, from March 1 to March 5.  Under the theme "Business and Human Rights", the club promoted awareness by hosting three activities during the week.
"We are trying to take very controversial and contemporary issues and just make people think about them and raise awareness," Amnesty International co-president senior Shilpa Sure said.  "We don’t have to worry about sending an email and being detained."
Issue-based poster boards, designed to encourage students to write letters appealing for action, were displayed in the library throughout the week.  A presentation by an Amnesty International speaker from the organization’s San Francisco branch and a screening of the documentary film "The Yes Men Fix the World" enhanced the message.
"Think about [these issues and causes] at least," co-president senior Aditi Narayanan said.  "We just want people to think about the consequences of the society that we have."