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The S-word: the prevalence of slut shaming at MVHS

The S-word: the prevalence of slut shaming at MVHS

Shuvi Jha and Ayah Ali-Ahmad

April 12, 2019

“She was wearing a bralette; what did she expect?” “What a whore; she’s slept with four guys.” “She is such a slut; she deserves all this.” lut shaming refers to the practice of individuals criticizing females for engaging in behavior deemed to be provocative or enticing. ...

Reinforcing feminism in MVHS

GEP members all stand on the right side of the classroom to signify that they believe that feminism is important at MVHS. Photo by Swara Tewari.

Swara Tewari and Rucha Soman

November 6, 2018

Girls’ Empowerment Project discusses gender equality at first meeting

Deciphering Feminism

Deciphering Feminism

Shuvi Jha

January 29, 2018

was the year women's voices were allowed to ring loud and free as the #MeToo movement pushed for equality. It was the year when White House adviser Kellyanne Conway refused to call herself a feminist “because it [seemed] to be very anti-male and very pro-abortion,” and the year when “Wonder Woma...

Students respond to International Women’s Day

Students respond to International Women's Day

Anjana Melvin

March 18, 2015

On March 8, 2015, men and women around the world celebrated International Women’s day, applauding the achievements of women and their progress in society while recognizing the amount of work left to be done for gender equality to become a global reality. The theme this year was: “Empowering Women—...

We are equals

Infographic by Maya Murthy

Maya Murthy

September 24, 2014

Sometime over this summer, the word feminist at our school became a slur. In between the Facebook posts, the angry comments, the articles sent back and forth, a woman looking for equal pay and some representation in her governing body became something ridiculous, ludicrous, obscene. So, I’m just...

Gender-neutral pronouns are socially beneficial

Gender-neutral pronouns are socially beneficial

Jady Wei

April 30, 2014

Gender disparity has long been a contentious issue our society has faced. From the Women’s Rights Movement to the modern transgender debate, our culture tends to be very sensitive when it comes to discussing gender roles. As the world’s top ranking gender-egalitarian nation, Sweden remains...