Students respond to International Women’s Day


Anjana Melvin

On March 8, 2015, men and women around the world celebrated International Women’s day, applauding the achievements of women and their progress in society while recognizing the amount of work left to be done for gender equality to become a global reality. The theme this year was: “Empowering Women— Empowering Humanity: Picture It!” Proponents hope to establish a society in which women can live free from violence and prejudice, and have the same political, educational and economic rights as men, according to the United Nations International Women’s Day page.

Although many people think that a day dedicated to recognizing women is well-deserved and beneficial, others believe it is unnecessary or that there should be a day specifically for men as well. Scroll over the pictures to see the perspectives of MV students.

Additional reporting by Pranav Jandhyala