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Future Practicing Physicians Network prepares for the upcoming year

Future Practicing Physicians Network prepares for the upcoming year

Julia Yang and Iman Malik

September 27, 2018

On Sept. 17, Future Practicing Physicians Network held its first meeting. The officers introduced themselves and briefly described the club’s goal — which is to educate members about careers in medicine and health — and the activities that would be held throughout the year. Activities that FPPN...

A look at FPPN’s annual suturing lab

A look at FPPN's annual suturing lab

Michelle Wong

March 3, 2018

rom sheep brains to fetal pigs, it's not uncommon for dissections to take place in physiology and biology classrooms. Students are taught to cut through tissue and cartilage to gain a deeper understanding of how the human body works. But aside from dissections, MVHS’ Future Practicing Physicians Netwo...

Exploring the medical field

Exploring the medical field

Michelle Wong

November 17, 2017

lthough summer is still far away, due dates for summer program applications are just around the corner. During their meeting on November 13, Future Practicing Physicians Network introduced various internships and programs concerning medicine and research for students to look into. According to senior...

Video: FPPN dissects sheep hearts

FPPN members use toothpicks to locate important structures of the heart during FPPN's annual dissection activity. This year, the officers decided to dissect only one organ due to issues with the time constraints of a lunch period in the past. Screenshot taken by Yuna Lee.

Yuna Lee

November 22, 2012

FPPN: Sheep Heart Dissection from El Estoque on Vimeo. Members of Future Practicing Physicians Network prodded at sheep hearts fresh from the Carolina Biological Supply Company during lunch on Nov. 19. Supplied with a print-out of the main organs and dissection tools, students were instructed to fi...