Video: FPPN dissects sheep hearts


FPPN members use toothpicks to locate important structures of the heart during FPPN's annual dissection activity. This year, the officers decided to dissect only one organ due to issues with the time constraints of a lunch period in the past. Screenshot taken by Yuna Lee.

Yuna Lee

FPPN: Sheep Heart Dissection from El Estoque on Vimeo.

Members of Future Practicing Physicians Network prodded at sheep hearts fresh from the Carolina Biological Supply Company during lunch on Nov. 19.

Supplied with a print-out of the main organs and dissection tools, students were instructed to find specific structures within the heart. This allowed students to apply the material they had learned in their biology and physiology classes through hands-on exploration, instead of just readings and lectures.

“It’s one thing to learn about concepts from textbooks in a biology class sitting at a desk. It’s something completely different to actually get your hands on and understand where everything is in relation,” FPPN officer Shruthi Perati said. “I think it makes a big difference in understanding the concepts of different organisms.”