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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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El Estoque

Juniors Lilia Murase and Julie Yu sing and dance along to the music.

Prom under a “City of Stars”

Megha Mummaneni May 20, 2024
Monta Vista’s senior and junior prom creates new high school memories
Delving into lunchtime

Delving into lunchtime

Crystal Cheng and Lindsey Tang November 9, 2023

MVHS students spend their time during lunch in a plethora of different ways, from walking to 7-11 with friends to studying in the library. To better understand lunchtime routines, El Estoque met with four...

Alicia Lee and her boyfriend Marcus Praseuth pose for a picture on top of the San Francisco Belle at the 2022 MVHS prom.

With friends? Or with a date?

Crystal Cheng and Jisha Rajala May 27, 2023
Exploring MV students' opinions on attending prom with friends or with a date
What we were left with after the summer was an inevitably faded version of what we had before. Photo Illustration | Crystal Cheng

To all the friendships I’ve left behind

Crystal Cheng May 19, 2023
Exploring the feeling of drifting apart from friends
Like Sophomore Esther Suh, many individuals utilize messaging platforms to connect with others for reasons ranging from talking to friends and family to work related purposes.

Connected through texting

“LOLLL.”  Sophomore Esther Suh sends this short message, responding to a hilarious remark from a friend. Yet the extreme enthusiasm that she displays by adding capital “L”s to the “laugh...

Freshmen Anuvaa Joshi and Jooha Kim pose for a photo.

What friends are for

Mira Wagner and Taryn Lam April 23, 2022
Best friends explore the growth of their friendship
If you can just look up

If you can just look up

April Wang March 18, 2022

To me of six years ago, trudging your way through fourth grade: Hi. Hello. Perhaps this letter is a little unnecessary considering you’ll figure this out anyhow. But maybe someday people will develop...

French teacher Janissa Zahns pen pals would send photos of themselves and their life in France.

Exchanging Letters

Kalyani Puthenpurayil and Anna Jerolimov March 4, 2022

Sophomore Daphne Huang, Juniors Rohin Inani and Yamini Mathew, English teacher Shozo Shimazaki, Biology teacher Renee Fallon, French teacher Janissa Zahn and parent Venkat Ananthan share the letters they...

As methods of communication such as emailing and calling became more popular in the 1990s, English teacher Shozo Shimazaki remembers thinking that the post office would go out of business, but the letters that people sent across the world remain in our history.

The forgotten art of writing letters

Kalyani Puthenpurayil and Anna Jerolimov March 4, 2022

Thoughtful. Underrated. Special. A nice gesture. A method of reflection. A lost art. Below are the experiences of students, teachers and community members regarding receiving and sending handwritten letters. 

Laughing Along

Laughing Along

Kalyani Puthenpurayil February 4, 2022
Discovering what makes MVHS students laugh
Spending quality time

Spending quality time

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor October 29, 2021
Observing how people people prioritize and spend time with loved ones
Used with Permission// Viha Srinivas

Senior Bucket List

Shreshta Ranganathan, Staff Writer April 2, 2021

March 13, 2020 proved to be a difficult day for the entire world, but for then junior Aditi Singh, it was an opportunity waiting to be seized. She began writing down a list of things she would set out...

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