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Campus response to aftermath of the Paris attacks

Campus response to aftermath of the Paris attacks
November 30, 2015

t was 9:45 p.m. when the reports came flooding in from Paris. A hundred hostages at a concert venue, hundreds shot at local restaurants, and bombings outside the French sports stadium called the “Stade...

Food: Paris Baguette serves up a true bite of France

Waiters at the Paris Baguette don pinstriped Parisian clothing as they cash orders and serve drinks. Paris Baguette strives to incorporate the same French authenticity into its food and setting. [Photo by Harini Shyamsundar.]
August 22, 2013

Cupertino’s newest bakery is as authentically chic and charming as a Parisian café. Despite being cozily nestled into a street corner, Paris Baguette beckons visitors with its promises of an excitingly...

The tour of France

The tour of France
March 4, 2011

History teacher Robyn Brushett takes students to France during winter break Some teachers like to teach. World History teacher Robyn Brushett likes to take her students into the...

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