El Estoque

For the first time

Challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone and take risks

Anushka De, News Editor

May 22, 2020

Step one in my journey to becoming a braver person

Speaking up: How teachers work with students with speech anxiety

Illustration by Iman Malik. This is a fishbowl that represents a fishbowl discussion. The six other fish are talking while one of them is lonely.

Sophia Chen and Alyssa Hui

March 11, 2020

Teachers explain their ways of dealing with student anxiety when speaking in class

Bulletproof Backpacks: A safety measure versus capital product

Pullquote and Featured

Rachel Jiang and Aditi Dixit

October 24, 2019

Exploring MVHS opinions about whether or not these precautions for gun violence are beneficial

Unpacking paranoia: Amazon Key shouldn’t scare us so much

Unpacking paranoia: Amazon Key shouldn't scare us so much

Nathan Stevens

November 17, 2017

ast month, I signed up for Amazon Prime, joining the 85 million other Amazon Prime members for one simple reason — I hate waiting for shipping. Has anyone ever really received their package in “five to seven business days?” I sure haven’t. So when I heard Amazon was testing a service to make s...

With age comes change


Karen Sanchez

September 13, 2017

As the cable car glided along it’s path in the air, she couldn’t help but shed tears in response to the gut-wrenching terror. Every single time one of her family members shifted slightly in their seats, peering over the edge to catch a glimpse of the green forest below, without fault she could feel th...

Fear busters

Fear busters

Charlotte Chui

September 13, 2017

For most, the word fear evokes an immediate mental image, whether it be public speaking, failing a test or a spider inching closer. The image that comes to mind likely spurs a strong reaction: heartbeat racing, face flushing, hands trembling. And yet, despite this response, the oddity of fear is how many ...