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Why MVHS students take De Anza classes

Why MVHS students take De Anza classes

Roshan Fernandez

March 8, 2017

ith course selection wrapping up for students of all grades, the buzz around campus over the past few weeks was all about what classes students would take next year. Honors American Literature or American Literature? AP US History or US History? Algebra 2 or Algebra 2/Trigonometry? These were among th...

Analyzing MVHS’s stigma against community college

Analyzing MVHS’s stigma against community college

Roshan Fernandez

September 20, 2016

Senior Vincent Kao has heard MVHS students say "I want to go to UCLA." He has heard them say "I want to go to Stanford. Or Yale. Or Harvard." But Kao has never heard anyone say "I want to go to De Anza." A recurring nightmare among MVHS students, especially seniors who are applying to college, is the prospect of community college. Most students feel shame and embarras...

Middle College and College Now substitute socializing with college experience


April 10, 2014

Educational programs provide great academic challenges but sacrifice many social opportunities. Read More »...

Alumnus designs shirt protected against sweat or liquid stains

The Silic shirt cannot be stained by any water-based liquid. Alumnus Aamir Patel uses hydrophobic nanotechnology in his shirt, which is being funded by Kickstarter. Source: Silic Kickstarter project.

Joyce Varma

January 20, 2014

Aamir Patel uses nanotechnology to create the Silic shirt. Read More »...

‘Monta Vista Compliments’ inspires gratitude

‘Monta Vista Compliments’ was started by two MVHS students in early January 2013. The page aims to foster gratitude through the publication of anonymous compliments. Source: sxc.hu

Yashashree Pisolkar

March 20, 2013

Beginning early January, a page titled “Monta Vista Compliments” circulated on students’ Facebook newsfeeds. The idea was simple enough: Using social media to promote positive conversation among students. Founded by two students who wish to remain anonymous, Monta Vista Compliments is an ...

The cultured life

The cultured life

Yaamini Venkataraman

March 3, 2010

  De Anza College's Euphrat Museum of Art celebrates Silicon Valley in its exhibition, "In Between: The Tension and Attraction of Difference"   Read More »...