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Coronavirus illustration, different size viruses on a gradient background. Illustration by the CDC

COVID-19 surges for weeks following winter break

Krish Dev, Website Editor January 24, 2022

On the first day of the semester, Jan. 3, FUHSD sent an email to community members that included numerous COVID-19 updates. The email began with a section titled “Increasing COVID Cases,” where it...

Visualizing the COVID-19 pandemic in Santa Clara County

Visualizing the COVID-19 pandemic in Santa Clara County

Krish Dev, Website Editor January 24, 2022
Examining the county’s policies and their effects
The MVHS and FUHSD communities continue to adapt to a changing landscape of COVID-19 protocols and precautions

Live coverage of COVID-19 responses and protocols

Anushka De August 25, 2021
Updates on cases and policies regarding COVID-19 and safety
Athletes line up to get their QR badge scanned so they can enter the waiting room of the gym and receive a COVID test.

COVID-19 precautions in sports

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer May 21, 2021
Athletes are tested regularly, wear masks and distance when possible
Theres often discussion about students and their situations, but what about the other side of the screen?

The other side

Mikaylah Du, Staff writer April 9, 2021
Exploring how teachers are coping with challenges during distance learning
Members of Post Corona Care meet over Zoom to discuss next steps.

Behind the student organization Post Corona Care

Iman Malik and Annie Zhang February 8, 2021
Exploring the operations of PCC and the motivations of its creators
International Responses to COVID

International Responses to COVID

Comparing responses to COVID abroad to MVHS experiences with COVID
Performative nonprofits: the good and the bad

Performative nonprofits: the good and the bad

Jefferson Le, News Editor October 28, 2020
Many student-run unofficial nonprofits are a result of the Silicon Valley’s competitive atmosphere
Photo used with permission | Kristen Hsieh

When life felt normal: MVHS edition

Justine Ha and Oishee Misra June 1, 2020
Inspired by The New York Times, MVHS students reminisce on moments before COVID-19 cancellations
Senior Stories

Senior Stories

A look into the high school experiences of members of the class of 2020
Nurses at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center pose for a photo to thank the numerous kids who have sent in a letter via the email forum.

Lending a helping hand

Justine Ha and Tabitha Mendez May 26, 2020
Track & Field team helps boost essential worker morale
The importance of community

The importance of community

Neysa Singh May 26, 2020

cross the country, grocery store shelves are left empty — there are toilet paper shortages, no hand sanitizer available, and no face masks. The New York Times reports that there is currently no lack...

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