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Unhomely Fandoms

Unhomely Fandoms

Tabitha Mendez and Anish Vasudevan

March 11, 2020

Senior Sean Fell When he was younger, senior Sean Fell would participate in heated Madden and NBA 2K video —game battles with his older brother. His brother, a fan of the Bay Area teams, never let Fell choose the same team as him, forcing Fell to find football and basketball fandoms from other ...

A Minority’s Point of View

A Minority's Point of View

Laasya Koduru and Stuti Upadhyay

November 21, 2018

Senior Jade Tsao is passionate about connecting with her African-American culture. She reads books about African-American history, gets involved with protests and movements like Black Lives Matter and loves to talk to her dad about her culture. Ethnically, Tsao has been a minority in her community for...

Earthquakes strike the Bay Area

Earthquakes strike the Bay Area

Ria Kolli

January 11, 2018

ophomore Afreen Azad had turned off the lights and was just about to go to bed around 2 a.m. when she suddenly felt like someone was shaking her bed. Azad’s first thought was that her house was being robbed. “I heard from someone who lives near our street that there was a person knocking on their doo...

Halloween around the Bay Area

Halloween around the Bay Area

Helen Chao

November 13, 2017

Nowadays, Halloween is associated with sugar-high children and a mass of Moana clones scurrying from door to door, leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail of candy wrappers in their wake. Of course, that’s the most stereotypical image brought to mind, but Halloween celebrations are more varied than the traditional...

Poor air quality affects the Bay Area

Poor air quality affects the Bay Area

Jai Uparkar

October 10, 2017

here was a hint of smoke in the air and no one could detect the source. The grey haze looked like the common fog that hugs the coast of the Bay Area during the mornings. Early in the morning on Monday, October 9, the wind in Northern California had blown smoke from multiple fires that started in Men...

Ordinary Origins: What it’s like to live in Cupertino

Ordinary Origins: What it's like to live in Cupertino

Emily Xia

September 26, 2017

The very complicated and simple life of a girl living in the Bay Area

How the tide hasn’t turned: Residents express Cupertino’s consistency

How the tide hasn't turned: Residents express Cupertino's consistency

Shriya Deshpande

December 7, 2016

rom pearl milk tea and falafels to Apple computers and iPhones, Cupertino is defined by its cultural, technological and educational advancements. In some aspects, the city has changed drastically over the years but there are also some aspects in which it hasn’t. Explore what Cupertino residents think abo...

Sunday Projects: Model airplane flying in the Bay Area

Sunday Projects: Model airplane flying in the Bay Area

Kristin Chang

November 23, 2015

Story co-written by Trisha Kholiya and Mingjie Zhong. Additional reporting by Anjana Melvin and Sarah Robinson. FLYING HIGH IN THE BAY AREA: MODEL AIRPLANES, CLOTHESPINS AND DUST-RED AIR by El Estoque Online on Exposure ...

All yule need for the holidays

All yule need for the holidays

Yashashree Pisolkar

December 17, 2012

The lead up to the the holidays may seem premature. The tree lighting ceremonies at the Quinlan Community Center and the annual Christmas carols at the Cupertino Library happen almost an entire month before Christmas bells start ringing. Even then, the early lights and carols have become tradition...