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100 things to do when you’re bored while social distancing

50 activities to appeal to your normal side and 50 activities for your inner MVHS student

March 22, 2020

Regular People

  1. Go exercise (run, bike, walk, the possibilities are endless)
  2. Star gaze
  3. Learn calligraphy 
  4. Organize your room/closet  (Learn from Marie Kondo)
  5. Start a CoronaVlog
  6. Cook at least one meal yourself 
  7. Take an online class
  8. Paint something (anything)
  9. Play a card game with your family 
  10. Read a new book
  11. Binge watch as many TV shows and movies by getting a free trial on streaming platforms
  12. Watch an Academy Award winning movie
  13. Learn a TikTok dance 
  14. Write a letter of gratitude 
  15. Take some useless quizzes on Buzzfeed
  16. Take your dog on a walk 
  17. Play game pigeon
  18. Watch Netflix with your friends using Netflix Party (Chrome Extension) 
  19. Bake a cake from scratch
  20. Do a home workout
  21. Hike Mission Peak 
  22. Group FaceTime with your friends
  23. Play
  24. Complete a puzzle
  25. Take a bubble bath 
  26. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon 
  27. Host an indoor picnic
  28. Meditate 
  29. Look through an old family album 
  30. Listen to a podcast
  31. Make boba at home 
  32. Create coronavirus memes
  33. Learn a magic trick 
  34. Make an origami crane 
  35. Create a stop motion video
  36. Organize your bookshelf 
  37. Read the news 
  38. Host an online dance party 
  39. Make a pillow fort 
  40. Pitch a tent and camp in your backyard
  41. Dye your hair 
  42. Learn how to French/Dutch braid 
  43. Make elephant toothpaste 
  44. Identify different types of soda blindfolded
  45. Star gaze
  46. Wash your parent’s car
  47. Complete Driver’s Education 
  48. Make your own slime 
  49. Play videogames on Discord with your friends
  50. Get sleep — lots of it. 

MVHS Students

  1. Practice touch-typing
  2. Create a calligraphy study guide 
  3. Prepare for AP tests in May 
  4. Prepare for next year’s AP tests
  5. Memorize the periodic table 
  6. Read your math textbook 
  7. Watch a TED Talk on better study habits
  8. Finish AP Chemistry on Khan Academy 
  9. Take a USACO practice test
  10. Update your resume
  11. Learn C++
  12. Enroll in a hackathon
  13. Finish Quizlet Write Mode for all the next chapter’s vocabulary
  14. Memorize the first 100 digits of pi 
  15. Start a non-profit focused on helping students unable to take the SAT because of the health concerns surrounding COVID-19 (caused by the novel coronavirus)
  16. Write a short novel
  17. Prepare for the SAT/ACT 
  18. Take the SAT for fun 
  19. Create your college list 
  20. Watch a documentary
  21. Take an IQ test 
  22. Learn the life story of your favorite mathematician
  23. Start a research project about the effects of staying at home for extended periods of time
  24. Memorize the chemical formula of ten household items 
  25. Create an app to help senior citizens stuck in nursing homes
  26. Learn a new language
  27. Enroll in an online course
  28. Email a Stanford professor about research opportunities 
  29. Play chess online with strangers
  30. Program Geometry Dash onto your graphing calculator
  31. Master a new instrument 
  32. Have a deep discussion about the stigma around feminism with three people from your literature class
  33. Memorize all the events that led to the French Revolution
  34. Learn extensively about the impacts of Type II Diabetes
  35. Apply for an internship at Google
  36. Read every single book covered in your lit curriculum
  37. Send memes to Ms. Parfet to brighten her day and yours
  38. Stalk the website of your dream school
  39. Play math games online
  40. Email your teachers about extra credit opportunities
  41. Eat food that is “scientifically proven” to boost your academic performance
  42. Take the AMC10 while on call with your math TA
  43. Practice AP Calculus FRQs 
  44. Compete in an Online Quiz Bowl 
  45. Compete in an MVHS themed Kahoot game with your friends 
  46. Email the governor about ways to better help California deal with the coronavirus
  47. Read and understand Immanuel Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals
  48. Ask Mr. Carpenter a question on his Curious Cat
  49. Learn how to spell every word starting with the letter W
  50. Find the cure for coronavirus 

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