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University prestige is a crucial selling point for many parents. Why is that the case?

Much ado about prestige

Anushka De April 27, 2022
Understanding why parents place weight on the name brand of a university
Yang Yang Liu, MVHS alum 07, passed away in a fatal car accident on November 25th. She was a wonderful friend and vibrant member of her community.

The life and legacy of Yang Yang Liu

Jayanti Jha, Anushka De, and Michelle Chen April 26, 2022
Friends and family reflect on the impact that the MVHS ‘07 alum had on their lives
Anushka De (right) holds her California Journalist of the Year certificate with JEA President Sarah Nichols.

Anushka De Named California Journalist of the Year

Sonia Verma, Staff Writer April 6, 2022
Featuring El Estoque co-editor-in-chief Anushka De’s journey from her first year on staff to being named the California Journalist of the Year
Charitha Chandran and Simone Ashley star as two of the leading characters on the second season of Birdgerton

“Bridgerton” is another disappointment in Indian representation

Anushka De April 3, 2022
Cultural inaccuracies make for a paltry attempt at diversity
The state of Critical Race Theory legislature varies across the country

Let’s Talk CRT

Anushka De and Tvisha Gupta February 16, 2022
Opposition to Critical Race Theory prevents racial equality
Tiny Love Stories

Tiny Love Stories

Riya Ravuri and Anushka De February 15, 2022
Finding pockets of love within our community
Senior Manvi Kottakota blends her business acumen and love of accessorizing into her jewelry business, Kanak

Kanak by Manvi

Anushka De February 10, 2022

The first shipment of materials from her vendor yielded a slightly unexpected result for senior and small business owner Manvi Kottakota: a strong desire to not sell anything. Hours of researching, tinkering...

The symphonic band rehearses a piece of music a couple days after receiving it

From the music stand

Anushka De February 9, 2022
Listening in on how the symphonic band and Variations learn new pieces
The Sounds of MVHS

The Sounds of MVHS

In this package, El Estoque's Arts & Entertainment Section uncovers the quotidian sounds that fill the rooms of MVHS and define unique memories, whether it be the laughter that traverses classrooms...

Graphic by Justin Kim

‘Tis the season for…’

Delving deeper into this year's winter highlights and memories
There are both benefits and detriments to the practice of gift exchange.

Gifting during the holiday season

Anushka De and Aashi Venkat December 10, 2021
Discussing the positives and negatives of traditional gift giving
Journalist Jeff Chang coined the name Golden Era for the period of rap music produced from 1986 to the late 1990s

The Golden Era and modern rap

Anushka De December 8, 2021
How 90s hip-hop artists have shaped the current rap scene
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