El Estoque

Ankle injuries

Lance Tong May 15, 2021
Exploring how one of the most common injuries affect athletes and their performances
Looking back on love

Looking back on love

Shivani Madhan February 16, 2021
Students reflect on how they were shaped by prior romantic relationships
Junior Anika Mishra practices before a game with a small crowd. Photo used with permission by Mishra.

The Impact of Cheering

Lance Tong November 5, 2020
Student athletes share the effect of crowds on their performance
Athletes continue practicing virtually

Athletes continue practicing virtually

Jayanti Jha and Jefferson Le May 13, 2020

Video conferencing apps like Zoom have become almost an essential for school due to shelter-in-place restrictions. In particular, student athletes at MVHS use apps like Zoom as tools to host virtual workouts...

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