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The US versus Africa: Toxic Individualism

Lakshanyaa Ganesh

December 13, 2019

ords, the corporate ladder, and individualism are cornerstones of the American experience. Our culture is one defined by self-driven success, where relying on a network or community is only used for individual promotion. If we don’t move out of parents’ houses by age 20, we’re looked down upon. Am...

America is not as bad as we think

Shuvi Jha

December 13, 2019

resident Donald Trump’s ascension to office in 2016 was hardly smooth sailing. For many, his election was indicative of an America that was becoming increasingly racist,  sexist and intolerable of minorities, people of color and immigrants. Some even declared that the U.S. had become the most rac...

Immigration in the United States: A broken system

Immigration in the United States: A broken system

Lakshanyaa Ganesh and Oishee Misra

October 26, 2019

Reflecting on our experiences with America’s legal immigration system

Real Time with MVHS Politics Club

Real Time with MVHS Politics Club

Anirudh Chaudhary

October 20, 2017

hether it's sports or movies, political discourse has managed to squirm its way into every aspect of our daily lives over the past decade. Increasingly, more and more students at MVHS have been getting interested in politics and social activism. In response to this trend, MVHS Junior State of Am...

Home and corruption, all in one place

Home and corruption, all in one place

Elizabeth Han

March 14, 2017

[button link="https://elizabethhan.atavist.com/home-and-corruption-all-in-one-place" color="default"]View story[/button]...

A Christmas tree wearing an inclusivity cloak is still a Christmas tree

Holiday Bush

Itay Barylka

December 9, 2015

Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year. There’s great music, holiday cheer, present-giving, seasonal food and plenty of reasons to be jolly. So why are people so apologetic about it? Take MVHS’ Holiday Week as an example. To be more inclusive to students who don’t celebrate ...

A giant victory

A giant victory

Neha Simon

November 5, 2010

Bay Area celebrates the Giants' victory on Nov. 3 on Market Street, San Francisco Read More »...