El Estoque

Water Polo holds its first preseason practice

Each student-athlete had their own lane line during practice to maintain social distancing.

Jayanti Jha and Elena Khan

October 19, 2020

Boys and Girls Water Polo teams share their impressions of their first conditioning with COVID-19 restrictions

Physical Education from home presents unique challenges

Akshat Debanth utilizes these dumbbells from home to stay fit.

Anika Sharma

September 13, 2020

Students examine the pros and cons of taking PE classes during remote learning

Overtraining: How much is too much?

Ramanathan kicks the ball at a soccer game. Photo used with permission from Viveka Ramanathan.

Prisha Tiwari, Staff Writer

September 12, 2020

Exploring how overtraining impacts the game and mindset of MVHS athletes

2020 NBA Finals predictions

2020 NBA Finals predictions

Anjali Singh and Collin Qian

September 12, 2020

MVHS students give their hopes for the top teams in the NBA finals

Man on the street: MVHS fall athletes on playing in a different season

MVHS Field Hockey team huddles at halftime to regroup and discuss their performance during the previous half.

Jayanti Jha

September 9, 2020

Athletes reflect on the differences between playing in the fall and winter or spring season

Softball: Class of 2020 Seniors

Senior Lauren Lee began playing softball when she was 5 years and was on varsity all 4 years.

Jayanti Jha and Collin Qian

May 23, 2020

As the MVHS softball season comes to a close, the seniors reflect on all their years being on the team as they share their fun experiences and most favorite memories. Lauren Lee At the end of her freshman year, senior Lauren Lee went to Central Coast Section (CCS) finals with the softball team,...

Looking back at MV Sports Medicine Club for the 2019-2020 school year

MV Sports Medicine Club at the Stanford ATR. Photo from @mvsports_medicine

Anjali Singh and Collin Qian

May 21, 2020

Officers of the club reminisce on memories from this year and make plans for the future

Athletes continue preparing for their sports next year

Senior Triya Roy is part of the varsity track team and participated in the Rustbuster Invitational Track Meet in March.

Jayanti Jha

May 2, 2020

With shelter-in-place restrictions opening up students’ schedules, many have turned to picking up a new hobby, learning something new or baking their favorite treats. However, for some MVHS athletes, the extra time is invested toward staying fit for their sport seasons next year. Freshman Hayden Anch...