El Estoque

Job Shadow may be replaced with a schoolwide careerfair to reach out to more students

Jacqueline Barr

February 22, 2009

A lack of participation in the Job Shadow could lead to its removal Read More »...

Inflexible regulations limit students’ options


November 5, 2008

MVHS bans students from taking classes in one subject area. Read More »...

Keeping the decibels down:Impossible?

Christine Chang

November 5, 2008

Students continue to ignore librarians by talking loudly. Read More »...

Maximum pride with minimum hours

Vijeta Tandon

November 5, 2008

Students equate higher levels of efficiency and achievement with fewer hours of sleep at night. Read More »...

Fresh faces are a rare sight in Homecoming Court

Kunal Bhan

November 5, 2008

To promote diversity, classes should elect different people to Homecoming Court each year.  Read More »...

Mean spirited?

Sasha Degtyar

November 5, 2008

Class spirit detrimental if it is not properly utilized. Read More »

Staff Ed: Library policy unreasonable

Akshay Agrawal

November 5, 2008

Restrictions on library access leave students out in cold. Read More »...