Class of 2025’s Homecoming Performance

Sophomores perform a “Jurassic Park” themed skit featuring dances and dinosaurs


Manas Kottakota

Sophomores Vibhav Pata, Ishi Chopra and Peter Chen converse with the dinosaur, played by sophomore Aneesh Boddu.

Krish Dev and Manas Kottakota

The Class of 2025 performed a skit on Tuesday, Oct. 11, the second day of Homecoming week. In the skit, based on “Jurassic Park,” three students come across a dinosaur while exploring the D building basement in search of costumes. In a moment of fear, the students accidentally release the dinosaur. They then try to find the dinosaur with the help of Student Conduct Liaison Thomas Michaelis, played by sophomore Sanjog Dhillon. Sophomore Aneesh Boddu, the dinosaur’s stage actor, found the role “really fun” despite feeling “underprepared.”

Three dances — the girls’ dance, boys’ dance and co-ed dance — were interwoven in the skit. According to sophomore and class officer Peter Chen, the class began planning the skit and its accompanying dances in mid-July. After the initial preparations, class leadership hosted skit decs in August, where students designed and painted backdrops. Once the school year started, student choreographers began teaching dances during lunch periods leading up to the performance.

Sophomore Saran Suresh participated in the boys’ dance and says he felt exhilarated while dancing. Suresh is proud that everyone got “rewarded for their effort” and is especially glad that the class had a boys’ dance, unlike last year.

“I felt like we accomplished something today,” Suresh said. “Last year, we had no boys’ dance, but this year we did and managed to put it all together, almost last second.”

Near the end of the skit, the students found out that the dinosaur had lost its mother, making them sympathize with the dinosaur and realize that the conflict was unnecessary. As the skit ended, sophomores flooded the Rally Court in celebration. Boddu, who celebrated in his dinosaur costume, was happy that “all the work paid off” and appreciated the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction.

“It was great to be part of something like this,” Boddu said. “The crowd was pretty big, bigger than I expected. A lot of people told me they were laughing [along with the skit] and it was fun — the crowd was amazing.”