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An alternative lunch option

Yeh’s Kitchen delivers Chinese food for MVHS students

Shivani Gupta and Jasmine Lee

Super Cue Cafe, commonly known for its boba drinks and snacks, recently opened its kitchen to a new business called Yeh’s Kitchen in January. Co-owner of the cafe, Weiling Huang, and her friend, Charlene Yeh, started the business allowing customers to order freshly-made Chinese food, ranging from seven to nine dollars.

To order the food, customers can go to their website, go to the “Lunch Order” page, choose the lunch they want, the size, quantity and items they would like to add on and choose whether or not they would like to pick it up in person or have it delivered to their school, depending on the date listed on the order option.

Freshman Ryan Lee discovered the business when his mom found out about the service on WeChat, a social communication app. He was satisfied with the way the company portioned their food. To him, the business is a way for students at MVHS to eat varying types of food and not be constrained to only the choices provided in the cafeteria.

“If these services [existed more] I really think people would [use them] instead of [buying] school lunch,” Lee said. “I feel like most people, they like school lunch because they haven’t tried other options elsewhere.”

While students enjoyed their lunches, Huang outlines her schedule as the founder of the service. Yeh’s Kitchen clears up SuperCue Cafe’s commercial kitchen by 11:30 a.m. on weekdays for the cafe’s food.

In addition to scheduling, different roles were also distributed between Yeh and Huang.

“[Yeh] is the one in charge of all the operation, production, [preparation] of the lunch and [delivery] to the kids,” Huang said. “[I am] majorly [involved] in [the] business development and [the] marketing sales area.”  

Yeh and Huang initially met through their children’s Chinese school, and once they discovered each other’s skills, they decided to join forces and create Yeh’s Kitchen. They have been working together ever since.

“[Yeh’s and my] kids go to the same school and she knows that I’m in the business world, [that I’ve been running] SuperCue for many years,” Huang said. “She knows that I [am] in the food industry business and that I own the kitchen, [and I have] my own brand.”

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