BITE Club and Korean Club host the Spicy Noodle Challenge

Contestants see if they can handle the heat

Shuvi Jha , Claire Yang, and Helen Chao


Students gushed through the doors of B103, licking their lips with anticipation. Amid the KPOP songs being played in the background and the students’ voices as they excitedly conversed with each other, the participants came, ready to partake in the popular Spicy Noodle Challenge. An annual event hosted by the BITE Club and Korean Club, the challenge originated from YouTube, with inspiration from a spicy chicken restaurant.

In the meeting on March 6, participants faced two rounds: the first consisted of original Buldak Noodles (4,400 Scoville Heat Units), and the second was the extra spicy Nuclear Buldak Noodles (8,706 Scoville Heat Units).

To view THE NOODLE MAKING process, click here.