Wired together: The implications of living in a technology-based world

Students’ opinions on the ever-growing impact of technology on their lives


e live in a technology-driven world. As much as we don’t like to admit it, our lives revolve around the technology we use, whether that means spending hours perfecting our Instagram posts or experimenting with nifty gadgets. Technology has become such a dominating factor in our lives that we rarely stop and reflect upon reasons why we use and rely on these inanimate objects.

What’s our relationship with technology? Maybe it’s how we express ourselves through Bitmojis, or how we edit our Instagram photos. Maybe it’s our dive into virtual reality, or that we allow technology to control even the most personal aspects of our lives.

This question may never be truly answered in the ever-changing contemporary world, but by investigating the many aspects of our life that are impacted by technology, we’re just getting a little bit closer.

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