Softball: Team blows out Wilcox HS


Akshara Majjiga

Despite the blistering afternoon heat, the MVHS softball team took the field on May 4 ready to compete. The team was dominant on defense throughout the game, holding Wilcox HS scoreless through all five innings. After MVHS was able to secure the three outs necessary for a quick ending to the top of the first inning, the team began building their lead. WHS had trouble garnering the outs needed to end the innings, allowing MVHS to score five runs in the first inning alone and nine in the next, bringing their lead to 14-0 by the end of the second.

The game remained uneventful through the remaining three innings with no runs scored by either team. A shouting match between the Wilcox HS coach and the umpire in the bottom of the third after repeated tense encounters early on resulted in the coach’s ejection from the game. After the incident, WHS’ defense improved significantly. From then on, MVHS was unable to score a single run, and enthusiastic chants could be heard from the WHS dugout.

However, WHS’ offense was unable to gain the same momentum, and the 14-0 lead that MVHS had built up in the first two innings seemed insurmountable. MVHS closed out the game with a commanding victory.

Softball vs. Wilcox
Photos by Akshara Majjiga