Girls Empowerment Club makes posters uplifting women


Katerina Pappas

A group of 17 people in room C103 watch sophomores Ruth Feng and Kamya Krishnan explain Girls Empowerment Club’s task. They would be making posters for International Women’s Day, which occurred on March 8. Materials consisting of poster paper, sharpies and colored pencils were laid out on the front group of desks, waiting for the students to jump into their work. As soon as they get the okay to start, the students dive in. Posters are made celebrating women and equality throughout the gender spectrum. Below is a photo essay highlighting the meeting and the process of the posters.

DSC_3810At the beginning of lunch, a group watches Feng and Krishnan explain how the posters would be made. Right after getting lunch in the lunch line, students come into the room ready for the meeting.

DSC_3813Feng and Krishnan discuss the posters raising awareness for International Women’s Day with a group of club members on the other side of the room. In order to make posters, the club uses inspiration from online sources.

DSC_3897Krishnan and a group of other members in the club discuss the upcoming events that the club will hold later on in the year.

DSC_3884Feng and junior El Estoque staff member Himani Yalamaddi sit around a long strip of pink paper in the front of the classroom. They discuss the direction that this poster will go towards and the impact it will have.

DSC_3870Sophomores Gauri Kaushik, Sabrina Stone and Pallavi Komma watch the making of the pink poster and share their input. Stone (middle) uses inspiration from her phone to aid Feng and Yalamaddi.

Below is a Flickr Gallery of some of the posters created.


Photos by Ilena Peng, Sannidhi Menon and Katerina Pappas.