Peer Counseling: behind the officers

Katerina Pappas

Story by Katerina Pappas and Karen Sanchez

Peer Counseling meets every Wednesday in room C204. A place open to all students in search of new knowledge, friends to have fun with or a safe space, the objective of the club is to educate students on how to help when someone opens up about sensitive topics. As members pick up newfound knowledge during club activities, their new skills would ideally be used outside of the club environment to comfort peers in need of emotional assistance. Of course, such an important goal can only be achieved through the hard work of those who take part in Peer Counseling’s behind-the-scenes action: the officers.

Seniors Prathik Rao, Amanda Hua and Sarah Teklu and junior Pooja Dandekar dedicate time and effort into the club, which they believe holds a strong importance to the community found in MVHS. 

Co-president Prathik Rao

Co-President Amanda Hua

Vice President and Secretary Sarah Teklu

Treasurer Pooja Dandekar