Campus question: Why were the A-building bathrooms closed today?


Ilena Peng

One of the least loved places on campus are the bathrooms, yet they maintain an undeniable importance. By their innate nature, bathrooms just aren’t the cleanest places. Although students, staff and janitors alike put their best effort to maintain the bathrooms, problems arise. The bathrooms in the A-building were particularly disastrous today due to a sewage problem. The principal’s executive assistant Diana Goularte explains the cause for the unexpected closure.

“The main sewage line of the A building was backed up, Goularte said. “The bathrooms were closed because of the debris that should [have been] going down.”

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She explained that plumbers were called in, and that they snaked the sewage line. After a couple hours, the plumbing was fixed. The bathrooms now need to be entirely disinfected, but they should be open and back to normal tomorrow.